Respect for the Donor

Survivors may derive comfort from the knowledge that respect for those who have donated their bodies is maintained at all times. The indispensable contribution that body donors have made is fully recognized. The teaching laboratories are situated in a restricted area and only medical and dental students, faculty, staff, or other students of the health professions are authorized to use the facility.

Uniform Anatomical Gift Act

For legal details, please see the Uniform Anatomical Gift Act.

Disposition of Remains and Memorial Service

Following the study of the donor's body, the remains are cremated. For temporary donations, ashes may be returned to the donor's family or a funeral director for private burial. A request for the return of ashes must be made in writing by the time the donor's body is transported to the Medical School, or shortly thereafter. For permanent donations, the ashes will not be returned.

If the donor's legal representative requests that the ashes be buried at the University of Michigan, the deceased will be interred in conjunction with the University of Michigan Annual Memorial Service. Medical students are involved with all aspects of the ceremony. Family and friends of all donors are invited; close to 1,000 people attend each year to share memories and help with the healing process.

To view images of our past Memorial Services, please visit the Gallery.

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