Welcome to the Division of Anatomical Sciences

Department of Surgery

Mission Statement

The University of Michigan Division of Anatomical Sciences (U-M DAS) provides superior, innovative, and engaging anatomical education and support.

Core Values


We provide learner-focused anatomical education to a variety of students, including medical, dental, undergraduate, and graduate students. We support the endeavors of U-M Medical School, Michigan Medicine, U-M Dental School, and other academic units both within the University and worldwide.


We best serve students through a collaborative approach. Trust and professional integrity are fundamental.


We commit to a culture of respect for our students, colleagues, and donors.


We develop and provide effective teaching methods and novel learning resources for U-M students and for students worldwide.


We support inclusive educational and working environments.


We commit to providing and maintaining a culture of excellence.



Faculty                                                                                       Staff                                                     

Kathleen Alsup, Ph.D.                                    Dean Mueller, M.O.L, ADP Director
Andrew Barnosky, D.O., M.P.H.                      Karen Klingensmith, Business Manager
David Brzezinski, M.D.                                   Martha Luczak, ADP Coordinator
Glenn Fox, Ph.D.                                           Kenny Thompson, ADP Preparator
John Stribley, Ph.D.
Kelli Sullivan, Ph.D.


Division of Anatomical Sciences
3767 Medical Science Building II
1137 Catherine St.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-5608
Phone: 734-764-4359