UMHS Policies

All polices listed below are for internal audiences only. For a copy of the Guidelines for Terminating Life Sustaining Treatment, please contact us at 734-615-1379.

Ethics Resources

This is the VA national ethics website. Here you will find educational videos on how to do a consult, their ethics “primer” (which I am also attaching to this email), their self-assessment tool, their pocket card for how they do cases, as well as their consult template.
This is a brief (~7 min.) review of how to conduct a consult especially moderating the meeting with the family and the medical team. The instructor is Mark Kuzcewski, a past president of ASBH
This is the Loyola Bioethics Center website for skill building in ethics consultation. Lots of information here similar to the VA site how-to videos, templates, and powerpoint presentations.

Health System Legal Office