The Population Health Office aims to improve the value of care provided to Michigan Medicine patients and the broader community and enable the health system’s success in value-based payment arrangements. PHO collaborates with and engages senior leadership, administration, professional and other staff throughout the health system and across the community to implement population health management programs and promote a culture consistent with the quadruple aim - improving the experience of receiving and delivering care, improving the health of populations and lowering the cost of care.


The Population Health Office has identified five key pillars in support of our mission:

The Population Health Office is the content expert within the health system on the impact of health reform efforts and value-based payment models. It manages all of the administrative requirements associated with participating in alternative payment arrangements with commercial and government payers. In support of these models, project managers and staff are responsible for developing systems and support projects directed toward improving care coordination, practice and care delivery transformation, and deepening community partnerships in order to be successful in the ongoing shift to fee-for-value.

Our staff is focused on a diverse portfolio of projects including:

Population Health Eco System Michigan Medicine:

Population Health Eco System