The variable or volume flow (VF) Doppler project is developing an experimental dialysis access surveillance device that will answer fundamental questions about dialysis access monitoring. As a result of this research, optimal management strategies for dialysis vascular access will emerge. In the process, new diagnostic and monitoring tools are being developed. Importantly, the VF Doppler group is actively performing translational medical research at every stage in the research spectrum from conception and design, through complex prototype development involving mechanical, electrical and software engineering, into validating the device in the lab and clinically. Clinical studies are now in progress to explore monitoring optimization using the prototypes we have developed to complete the translational process and bring our devices to the pre-commercialization phase. Read more

The VF Doppler Device has the potential to significantly enhance patient quality of care while reducing the overall costs of dialysis by allowing frequent or even continuous dialysis access monitoring and much improved diagnostic accuracy.

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