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Residency Training Program

Nadir Osman

Hometown: Kharkov, Ukraine; Khartoum, Sudan; Ann Arbor, MI
Undergrad: Kharkov State University
Med school: Kharkov State Medical University

I graduated from Kharkov State Medical University in the Ukraine, class of 1995, before heading to the West African country of Ghana formerly known as the Gold Coast. I did my internship (British system) in the Departments of Internal medicine, Pediatrics, and General Surgery, after which I worked as a General Medical Practitioner until I came to the USA in 1998. Upon my arrival to the US, I enrolled in the graduate program at the Wayne State University earning two degrees by 2002; MS in Medical Research and a graduate degree in the field of Alcohol and Substance Abuse Studies. Thereafter, I completed a 3 year post doctoral research fellowship at the University of Michigan.

My dream is to complete a neurology residency with sleep medicine as a subspeciality.

I chose to come to the University of Michigan, Department of Neurology because of its outstanding reputation and state-of-the-art program, boosting of fine faculties who love to teach and mentor. The department is enriched with different subspecialties, and the busy nature of the hospital, with the variety of neurological patients makes any resident ready to face the world by the end of his training.

I love the city of Ann Arbor because it is a great vibrant small city that has all the arts, music, museums that big cities boost of, but without the dirt, traffic, or crime that big cities have. In addition, it is a great place for my family, as I am married with two children, it is always fun to explore all the parks, nature trails, museums and much more together. I also love to play soccer, as I used to play for my medical school at a point in time. The Fuller Park behind our hospital has many soccer fields and it is always easy to find a group to play with.

Given the fact that I earned a Master of Science degree in medical research and completed 3 years of post doctoral fellowship in basic science research with publications in different scientific journals (including Sleep, Anesthesiology and the Journal of Mineral and Bone research), my ultimate career goal is to combine clinical medicine with a basic science research in Sleep Medicine, and therefore I am planning to further my education by doing a fellowship in Sleep Medicine.