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Residency Training Program

angie MarkAngie Mark

Hometown: Ballwin, MO
Undergrad: Washington University, BA in music summa cum laude
University of Washington, Master in Music in vocal performance
Med school: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, MD

Having grown up in the humble suburbs of St. Louis, I learned the values of hard work and earnestness. Later in my earlier years as an obsessive-compulsive opera singer, I added excellence and professionalism as other characteristics I strived to develop in myself. The department of neurology here has been fantastic in trying to hone these qualities in each of their residents. The great thing about this place is that you have fabulous faculty who are here because they enjoy training the neurologists of the future. The program has evolved tremendously through the influences of the residents. Our night float system instituted this past year has been a rousing success and, I think, a model for other neurology residencies. The camaraderie here amongst the residents and faculty is fantastic. The schedule leaves you plenty of time for a social life and as the resident single woman in her 30's, I assure you there is plenty of dating to be had (especially if you like NASCAR, just kidding.) Ann Arbor has a ton of things going on for every musical taste from great indie local bands to famous classical artists that love the acoustics of Hill auditorium. Art lovers, nature lovers, and book lovers will not be disappointed either. And people here are nice, really nice... so nice you think there may be something in the water. For all you Easterners, no more getting yelled at by the desk clerk for using their stapler. Come for a visit!