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Residency Training Program

Vessela Giger-Mateeva

MD - Medical University of Sofia, Bulgaria
PhD – University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Internship and PG2: SUNY at Buffalo, NY, USA

I was born and raised in Bulgaria, Europe. After I graduated from the Medical University of Sofia I had the opportunity to start a scientific education in Neuroscience and Vision research at the Netherlands Ophthalmic Research Institute and the Center for Neurophysiology and Magnetoencephalography of the University of Amsterdam in Amserdam. While working on my dissertation I also met Roman, my husband, whose interests were close, yet different to mine but definitely overlapping and focused on neuroscience and neuroregeneration. Roman and moved to the United States to continue our scientific careers as post doctoral fellows at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. We have two wonderful daughters, Carmen and Sylvia, and try to spend as much as time as possible with them. We definitely enjoy watching them growing up, interacting and developing. Children have always been very important and fascinating to both of us.

I am definitely thrilled to be in residency at the Department of Neurology at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. This is a greatly structured program with established traditions and excellent reputation in Neurology and Neuroscience. My colleagues are simply a wonderful group of people, motivated, open-minded and highly interactive, and great team to work with. Our attendings are very supportive, skilled and knowledgeable. You are never alone if you need a second opinion. Ann Arbor is a small but culturally diverse upscale town. I definitely enjoy the Farmers Market and take my kids with me there whenever there’s an opportunity. I enjoy dancing, singing and playing piano. My favorite sport is jazzercise. I play tennis together with my husband and our children, and enjoy swimming in the summer. I like trying new food and wine tasting adventures, and visiting new places.

Taken together, I feel very privileged and lucky to be a member of this great Neurology residency program.