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Epilepsy Fellowship in Neurology

We offer a comprehensive ACGME-approved clinical neurophysiology fellowship for 5-6 fellows interested in epilepsy yearly at the University of Michigan.  We can also usually offer a second year of pre-academic training as a lecturer if that is desirable to the applicant.   The strength of the program is the broad exposure to adult and pediatric EEG and epilepsy studies, and the strength of the complementary CNL faculty and training. Our fellowship year generally includes:

Four (4) months of inpatient adult epilepsy monitoring evaluating scalp and intracranial CCTV-EEG monitoring of seizures, and other types of paroxysmal events.  We average 6-8 inpatients per week including 1-3 intracranial evaluations per month. Roughly 70-100 epilepsy surgeries are performed each year in the program. Epilepsy fellows are encouraged to become involved in the entire process, including intraoperative mapping, Wada tests, and functional imaging with PET, fMRI and SPECT studies. Fellows also gain experience in caring for status epilepticus on the inpatient service.

The program also includes several months of EEG and Evoked potential/Intraoperative monitoring (EP/IOM) training, reading each study with very experienced faculty. Numerous  didactic conferences are offered, including:

Fellows gain exposure to teaching techniques, presentations to a group, creating an abstract for publication, VNS stimulation, one lecture on chemodenervation with Botox, and are actively involved in structuring their educational experiences. Training in the core competencies is offered throughout the year. Fellows see outpatient cases an average of 2 half-days per week, with close faculty supervision.

Electives are available in sleep, EMG, and neuromuscular disorders, and we offer mentorship for clinical and basic science research opportunities throughout the year.

The faculty consists of 6 adult and 3 pediatric epileptologists, 4 neuromuscular specialists and 6 sleep specialists.

Clinical Neurophysiology Fellowship application requirements: CV, personal statement, 3 letters of recommendation (one of which is from a program director or chair), and an application.

Regarding visa issues, you must be one of the following: a US citizen, permanent resident (green card holder), or have a J-1 visa sponsored through ECFMG. We do not sponsor any other visas.  All applications must be received by January 30th for the following fellowship position.

For more information, or to apply for a position in the fellowship, please contact Holley Comiskey at 734-936-4457 or, or Dr. Linda Selwa at