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Neurology Residency Training Program

Clinical Training: Call Schedule

The call schedule varies from rotation to rotation.

The night float resident does the overnight in-house call at the University Hospital from Sunday night through Thursday night.

The dayfloat resident does the “short calls” from 5-8pm on weekdays. The residents on the University Hospital inpatient/consultation split the daytime and early evening calls on weekends and holidays.

All residents on the VA Medical Center rotation take home call an average of every third night. Residents will need to come in to see any emergency consultations. On average, this is about once every two to three calls.

All residents on Pediatric Neurology take home call an average of every third night. This tends to entail answering phone calls from patients' parents after hours. Rarely, residents will need to come in to see an emergency consultation.

Residents who are not on any of the aforementioned rotations split the Friday and Saturday night in-house calls at the University Hospital. This averages out to less than 1 call per month.