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Residency Training Program

Aaron MammosserAaron Mammosser

Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Undergrad: Cornell University; Nutritional Sciences
MS degree: Roswell Park Cancer Institute (a graduate division of at SUNY Buffalo); Interdisciplinary Study in Natural Science
Med School: SUNY at Buffalo School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences

The choice to come to Michigan was actually a relatively easy one for me, as my first impression of the program was that it was a combination of a top notch clinical and academic program made up of faculty who were not only outstanding in their respective fields, but were also down to earth, approachable, and frankly enjoyable to be around. This personality is part of the uniqueness of Michigan, and having done my internship here I can attest to the fact that it is not limited to one department, but is instead a University-wide trait. On a personal level, I'm presently engaged, and during my free time my fiancee and I enjoy biking, kayaking, and hiking with our dogs. We've been known to take in a beer festival or two during the summer, and are always on a quest to find yet another obscure Michigan microbrew (at least I am... there are literally HUNDREDS of them.)