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Neurology Residency Training Program

Class of 2013

Ben Bly

Ben Bly
Undergrad: Princeton University
PhD: Stanford University
Medical School: University of New Jersey




Dane Breker

Dane Breker
Undergrad: University of North Dakota
Medical School: University of North Dakota

I grew up in Fargo, ND and the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks, ND for both my undergraduate and medical degrees. Going off to complete residency training was my first experience really living out of my home state, but coming to the University of Michigan was just like coming home...with more trees and the occasional cider mill! The city itself was a huge draw. Being a smaller city with a large university means that this town has a lot to offer and a casual culture without the hassle of a larger metropolis. The University of Michigan neurology program appealed to me for its well organized clinical training program, exposure to a wide-variety of neurological subspecialties like neurooncology and neuroophthalmology that just aren't available everywhere, the high caliber of clinical teaching, and a laid-back attitude to tie it all together. On top of that one of my interests is in medical education and the U of M offers a special track for those interested in becoming better educators.

In my time off I enjoy reading, volleyball, the outdoors, and spending time with my wife and son.


Robert Ross Coleman

Robert Ross Coleman
Undergrad: Hope College
Medical School: Vanderbilt University

I grew up on the west side of Michigan, went to Hope College and attended Vanderbilt for medical school. When looking for a residency my wife, who is a social worker, and I were looking for a program and a city that matched our personalities.

The University of Michigan Neurology program fosters a warm and relaxed atmosphere with ample opportunity to learn. This was evident at my interview day when the I met the residents and they were all fun-loving with a life outside of the hospital as well. This proved true when I started the program. Attendings are on a first name basis and provide a lot of teaching. My wife and I have family 2 hours away so it was nice for us to come a little closer to home as well. The city of Ann Arbor is a fun place to live with a vibrant downtown. There are festivals and/or concerts every weekend of the summer. Despite being a college town, you are not over-run by undergrads and the football games are a lot of fun. My wife and I enjoy eating out and still have a long list of restaurants we need to hit up. We both love running and drinking wine, but not at the same time.


Shiao-Pei Pan

Shiao-Pei Weathers
Undergrad: Notre Dame
Medical School: Wright State University

I grew up in Lexington, Kentucky and Dayton, Ohio before I ventured all the way over to South Bend, Indiana to attend the University of Notre Dame for undergrad. After graduation, I returned back to Ohio to attend medical school at Wright State University where I met my husband who is currently an emergency medicine resident. We couples matched to programs in Michigan and got married near the end of our intern year. I did my intern year at St. Joe's and was truly pleased with my experience there because of its collegial atmosphere.

The University of Michigan is a remarkable place to train because of its outstanding faculty who truly have a commitment to resident education. The neurological disease spectrum is diverse whether the exposure is in the outpatient or inpatient setting. There is also a strong representation of all the subspecialty fields of Neurology with plenty of opportunities to explore whatever interest you may have.

Michael Soileau

Michael Soileau
Undergrad: Baylor University
Medical School: University of Texas Medical School - Houston
Internship: University of Michigan Internal Medicine

I initially applied to the University of Michigan because I wanted a chance to get out of Texas. There were lots of happy faces on the website and schedule was appealing. It was an early interview for me and wasn't expecting to like Michigan or the cold. Little did I know just how much I'd like the program and how amazing the people I met would be. The interviews were laid back and the Oatmeal Raisin cookies in the cafeteria were wonderful. The facilities are new, and the support system well-planned. I appreciate the "little things" like the great health benefits, the House Officer Association, and a salary with bonuses. The pathology we see in each specialty of neurology is unique and faculty are very informal. In fact, we call the majority of them by their first name. Ann Arbor has been a great and welcome change after the traffic in Houston. Even still, there is so much to do here, great food, and a college town feel with great sports games. I bought a home here and have been very happy with the cost of living.

Long story short, this city and program has welcomed this cowboy boot-wearing Texan with open arms and I'm certainly glad of my choice.

Jessica Stulc

Jessica Stulc
Undergrad: Creighton University
MPH: University of Iowa
Medical School: University of Iowa

I'm originally from Iowa and have made the tour of midwest states for my education. ( I can honestly say that Ann Arbor has the warmest winters!)   I was originally attracted to Michigan on paper because of the nightfloat system and broad exposure to subspecialties.  After my interview I was hooked  because of the people and focus on education.   I loved my intern year at St. Joes, which was a great low stress learning environment.   I'm now entering my PGY3 and am still undecided as to future career plans but am considering a fellowship in headache.  I have enjoyed living in Ann Arbor as I'm a Big 10 football fan, find it easy to get around the town, and enjoy having many things to do here.