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Neurology Residency Training Program

Class of 2012

Gary Gallagher

Gary Gallagher
Hometown: Detroit, MI
Undergrad: University of Michigan
Med School: Wayne State University

Ann Arbor is a unique small town with plenty to do, but without the clutter present in larger cities. Major sports teams include the Michigan athletic teams, as well as a short jaunt to capture Detroit teams in action. There are weekly artistic and musical performances downtown and on campus. The Huron river runs just north of the medical campus, with miles of parks and trails for running or biking . Main street and the surrounding area contain many different types of foods and atmospheres. A personal favorite is Conor Oneill's on Monday nights for trivia and camaraderie.

The UM neurology program offers strong clinical training, an opportunity to engage in research interests and a collegial atmosphere. The program has a closeness that some of the larger programs lack but the resources to allow each resident to pursue their own goals. Residents are given responsibility from the moment that training begins, as the first responder to acute stroke in the ED/floor (with the stroke team shortly to follow) to making clinical decisions on the floor with the support of the staff. It was the ideal program for me to achieve my goals.

Shiao-Pei Pan

Natalie Hendon
Undergrad: Harvard Univeristy
Medical School: University of Michigan

Michigan drew me due to its representation of all major - and most minor - fields of neurology, with attendings and fellowships in areas from Epilepsy to Neurocritical Care to Neuro-Ophthalmology. As I was mostly undecided about what part of neurology to specialize in, I wanted to be sure to have access to all areas, and I knew I would get that here. I also liked the outpatient focus of this program - we get a lot of clinic time here, which was a strong drawing factor for me. The program itself is very education focused, with several conferences throughout the week directed to the residents at lunchtime, including a live patient conference on Wednesdays, which was another bonus. Michigan itself is a very education-oriented institution, and the House Officers' Union ensures great benefits for the residents. Finally, being in Ann Arbor is wonderful - there are so many things to do. Outside of Neurology, I am enjoying a fledgling interest in photography, exploring the neighboring area, and traveling whenever I can on my limited resident budget.

Rahul Karamchandani

Rahul Karamchandani
Undergrad: University of Michigan
Medical School: Wayne State University

Michigan is an outstanding place to train. The faculty are world-class, yet very accessible and always willing to teach. There are a wide variety of cases that provide exposure to all aspects of neurology, and the environment is a supportive one. Having worked at the U as an undergraduate student, I truly felt at home coming back for residency. In my free time, I enjoy playing sports, attending UM sporting events, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


Dustin Nowacek

Dustin Nowacek
Hometown: Troy, MI
Undergrad: Michigan State University
Med school: Michigan State University - College of Human Medicine

Ann Arbor and the surrounding area is a great place to work, live and play. University hospital is a great facility and all of the faculty and residents are very friendly and approachable. Being at a teritary care center, we see a large spectrum of interesting neurological disorders. When I am not at the hosptial learning neurology, I enjoy running and doing pretty much anything outdoors, and the state of Michigan has a lot to offer in this regard. The great lakes are amazing, both in their beauty and the entertainment they offer year round. I also enjoy the art of home brewing (fancy term for making homemade beer).

Robert Pace

Robert Pace
Hometown: Cleveland, OH
Undergrad: Miami University
Med school: (The) Ohio State University

I was intent on coming to Michigan for my residency immediately after the interview. Most of it was just a gut feeling; I felt welcomed, relaxed, and comfortable around everyone I met. I have not been dissappointed at all by my time here. The attendings treat the residents as colleagues. The support system is fantastic, and everyone is engaged in the learning process.

I've loved living in Ann Arbor. I was looking for a smaller place to do residency, as I didn't think the stress of a giant city would help my already-stressed life. But I was a bit concerned that I would get bored in a small town. Ann Arbor, however, is perfect for me. It has the activity and culture that you would expect to find in a huge city; we're never lacking for something ot do.

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