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The Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Clinic at the University of Michigan

The CMT Clinic
The Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) Clinic at the University of Michigan is a new adult and pediatric multidisciplinary clinic to treat patients with inherited neuropathy. CMT is named for the three physicians who first described it. CMT is an inherited disorder of the peripheral nerves, caused by changes, or mutations, in a person’s genetic material (DNA), that code for proteins in the nerve fibers.  Patients may experience sensory symptoms, muscle weakness and balance difficulties.

If you are interested in an evaluation and continued care at the University of Michigan CMT Clinic, please call our clinic coordinator, Kim Creamer, at (734) 647-3863.  Detailed instructions, including directions, parking, etc., will be provided to you.

What to expect during a visit
The CMT Clinic meets weekly on Friday mornings.  Children and adults will be clinically assessed by physicians from Neurology (Dr. Sindhu Ramchandren) and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (Dr. Joseph Hornyak), and will have access to physical and occupational therapy, and genetic counseling.  We can schedule same-day consultations for orthotics as well as EMG testing, typically done later in the afternoon on the day of your visit.  We often assess the entire family during the course of a visit, and can arrange for genetic testing if needed.  During routine follow-up visits, we track the progression of the disease to provide you information on what changes to expect in future years.

The University of Michigan CMT Clinic participates in research conducted through the Inherited Neuropathy Consortium and the Rare Disease Consortium.  Our goal is to improve the functional outcomes of patients with CMT and promote research towards a cure.  Participation in clinical research is voluntary and refusal will not affect the care patients receive.

To learn more about the research being done in Dr. Ramchandren's lab, please visit Dr. Ramchandren's Lab website.

The CMT Clinic
325 E. Eisenhower Parkway, Ste 100
Ann Arbor, MI 48108

Supporting the clinic (donations, gifts)
If you are interested in supporting the CMT clinic at the University of Michigan, please contact Michelle Davis, Associate Director of Development for the Department of Neurology, at

Useful Links

  1. General resource for families diagnosed with genetic disorders:
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  3. Website to research active clinical trials:

Staff member for the CMT Clinic at the University of Michigan

Kimberly Creamer: Clinic Coordinator-(734) 647-3863
Sindhu Ramchandren, MD, MS: Neurology
Joseph Hornyak, MD, PhD: Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Betsy Howell, MS, PT: Physical Therapy
Matthew Traynor: Wheelchair seating
Kimberly Amburgey, MS: Genetic Counselor
Colleen Connolly: MDA Representative