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Research Advances

In the University of Michigan Department of Neurology, a dedicated team of academic neurologists pursues the three-part academic mission of clinical care, research and education. In hospital and outpatient settings, highly skilled physicians with subspecialty expertise in each of the domains of adult neurology provide care to patients with diseases of the nervous system. Many of these physicians direct laboratory or clinical research programs to advance our understanding of neurological disease, and to develop and test new therapies for these diseases.

Why is U-M Neurology special? The team of investigators in the Department of Neurology is made up largely of physician-investigators who are leaders in their fields, doctors whose understanding of disease processes developed through the care of patients informs and guides their research endeavors, and places them at the cutting edge of "translational research" to carry advances from the laboratory bench to the bedside.

U-M Neurology clinician researchers have produced key advances in several areas of great promise:

  • In neurogenetics, U-M Neurology investigators have identified the genes responsible for several inherited diseases and the mechanisms underlying cell death neurodegenerative diseases.

  • In neural plasticity, U-M Neurology investigators have made key observations regarding the role of neural stem cells in epilepsy and in the response to stroke.

  • In imaging, U-M Neurology investigators have used sophisticated methods of functional MRI scanning to understand the role of specific brain regions in perception, and PET scanning to gain insight into the cause of dysfunction in neurodegenerative disease.

  • In neuroimmunology, U-M Neurology investigators have identified critical molecules involved in causing plaques in multiple sclerosis.

  • Other U-M Neurology investigators have made key advances in our approach to sleep-related disorders, stroke and the treatment of brain tumors.

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