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portfolioRole-Specific Advancement:



Purpose:  To provide a comprehensive overview of the applicant’s professional experience and qualifications.  A resume sets the context for Central Committee review and deliberations.

Required: Please include the following information in your resume.

  1. Formal Education (all formal postsecondary education): List your educational back ground, schools attended with degree(s) completedInclude current education in progress.
  1.  Licenses and Certifications:  Include any License information as well as current professional certification.
  1. Professional Employment History: Include hospital/institution, dates of service, title, name of unit/area worked, with specialty.  Briefly describe the patient population(s).   Describe the job responsibilities of each position.
  1. UMHS Committees and Activities (including Unit/Clinic): List your membership of committee(s) at UMHS.  Describe the committee in which you have participated along with your activities related to that committee.  
  1. Professional Society/Organization Memberships:  Identify memberships in professional organizations, including years of membership and any roles you want to highlight.
  1. Continuing Education Participation over the past 2-5 years:  List your continuing education of the last two to five years.  Include the title, date attended, credits, and institution provider.  (You may submit an attachment)
  1. Presentations:   List in the last 5 years all inservices, lectures, as well as  any continuing education (CE approved) presentations made in the last five years.  Include poster presentations at the unit, institutional, state, national, or international level.  List title, organization, location, and date.
  1. Publications:   Over your years as a professional nurse, list your printed publications (research and non research).  Include articles accepted by journals, newsletters, author of policy and procedures, materials for patient education, etc.
  1. Awards and Professional Honors:  Include unit, hospital, academic, and organizational recognition, awards, or honors.
  1. Innovation, Research, Continuous Quality Improvement:  List any evidence-based innovations, research projects you have completed, and/ or any CQI projects you have been involved with at the unit/clinic or department level. 

Target Audience: UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath | Last reviewed: 1/2012