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portfolioRole-Specific Advancement:
Application Portfolio

Checklist | Identifying Information | Professional Statement | Resume | Self-Assessment | Manager Voice | Letter of Support | Exemplar | Interview Guidelines


Review the overview, which shows what is required in the process, where to submit things, timeframes, etc.


An Application Portfolio Checklist is provided to guide you in navigating the advancement process, helping to ensure that all necessary materials are included.  

Open the Checklist for Role Specific Advancement to Expert and Mastery Level

Please check each box as you add an element to your application packet. Compile your Application Portfolio in the same order as listed on the checklist.  Instructions and templates are provided for each required element.  Examples are provided as appropriate.

The Checklist should be the FIRST PAGE of your Application Portfolio.

Identifying Information

Identifying information must be included in your Application Portfolio on this form.  The information will facilitate communication with you and the scheduling of your interview with the Central Committee Review Panel.
You will be notified of the date, time and location of your interview with the Central Committee Review Panel via email.

Professional Statement

Your professional statement is an opportunity to describe your present practice, aspirations, values, and goals. It is submitted as part of your Application Portfolio to the Central Committee for movement to Expert and Mastery Levels.

This statement outlines the aspects of your practice that you wish to highlight and may be used as a touchstone to make sure critical elements of your practice and career plan have been adequately represented. This statement provides insight into your professional development within your practice area and discloses your future career objectives.

See guidelines.

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A resume is a factual synopsis of professional education, employment and activities.  It forms a context for other information contained in the portfolio reviewed for advancement within the Role Specific Advancement Model. 

Read details.


A self assessment gives insight into a nurse’s current clinical practice and is an important aspect of determining advancement within the Role Specific Advancement Model.  It helps you and others to recognize your level of practice and highlights your strengths and abilities. Self assessment utilizing the Role Specific grid containing the behaviors in the domains of nursing practice is a required element of your application portfolio.

 This document allows your self appraised strengths and abilities to be evident “at a glance”.   

Follow these instructions.

Manager Voice

The “Manager Voice” is a required element of an Application Portfolio.

The “Manager Voice” is provided using the grid of Behaviors that describe the ten Domains included in the Role Specific Advancement Model. It is an important perspective for successful advancement within the Role Specific Advancement Model.  The manager provides an assessment of the applicant’s work over time. This is especially helpful in evaluating individual accomplishment.   It requires the manager to select the behavior that best describes a nurse’s performance, thus providing perspective on the quality, scope, depth and consistency of an individual nurse’s practice.  Managers have the option of adding comments and examples within the Domains and “in summary”.
Applicants are encouraged to plan ahead in order to ensure that this required element is included in their portfolio at the time it is submitted.  Starting from the date they receive the request, managers have 30 calendar days in which to complete the Manager Voice Tool and return it to the nurse.

See each of the Manager Voice Tools for:

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Letter of Support

A key component of the application review process is the letter of support from two professional colleagues.  The letter offers essential insight into the applicant’s level of clinical practice.  This element of the application packet endorses a nurse’s readiness to advance to Expert or Mastery Level in the UMHS Role Specific Advancement Model.  Each letter of support focuses on two identified domains for a total of four domains addressed:
  • Clinical Thinking and Judgment
  • Systems Thinking
  • Advocacy 
  • Therapeutic Relationships
  • Collaboration/Communication, and Professional Relationships
  • Facilitator of Learning and Professional Development
  • Responsiveness to Diversity
  • Advancing Practice
  • Contribution
  • Coordination



An exemplar is a story of a real patient that is told in order to illustrate an RN’s practice. The Exemplar is written in the first person and describes in detail a particular clinical situation that includes the nurse’s thoughts, feelings, intentions, actions, critical thinking, and decision-making process. 

The Exemplar is an opportunity to explore the richness of an individual RN’s practice and experience.  It shows how the RN uses his or her knowledge, experience, skills and personal resources in the care of an individual patient and/or family.

The Exemplar is the cornerstone of the Application Portfolio, providing a view of the depth of an RN’s practice. For this reason, exemplars must be from current patient situations that took place within the last year.

View Dr. Chris Pacini’s, Ph.D., RN's special presentation on exemplar writing.


Interview Guidelines

An interview is required for advancement to Expert and Mastery Level within the Role specific Advancement Model.  The interview will be conducted by a three member panel selected from the Central Committee.  The applicant will be notified in advance of the interview date, time and place.

Review Interview Guidelines


Target Audience: UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath | Last reviewed: 3/2015