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Interview Guidelines

An interview is required for advancement to Expert and Mastery Level within the Role specific Advancement Model.  The interview will be conducted by a three member panel selected from the Central Committee.  The applicant will be notified in advance of the interview date, time and place.
This interview will address three areas:

  1. Content of your portfolio: This is a time to clarify or expand upon materials in your portfolio. Interviewers may ask you questions related to elements of your application.
  2. Issues or challenges presented by specific populations: This is an opportunity for you to step back from the information within your application portfolio and talk more broadly and conceptually about your expertise and passion for your clients, as well as your unique gifts, talents and experience that enhance your practice.
  3. Nursing Sensitive Quality Indicators
    Indicators include: Patient Education, Advanced Directives, Patient Identification, Restraints, Fall Prevention, Skin Integrity and Pain Management. Quality Indicators can be found on the Nursing Care Excellence Website.
    Many nurses included in the Role-Specific Advancement Model are not affiliated with an inpatient unit.  Those of you who do not work in an inpatient unit should address only those quality indicators that apply to nursing practice in your setting. For example, Patient Education is a quality indicator in many of the care settings staffed by Role Specific nurses, while Restraints is not. Nurse sensitive indicators in Non-acute care settings also include: Patient Safety in Procedures, Application of Evidence Based Guidelines, Immunization Rates, Patient Adherence to Therapeutic Regimens and others. It is required that applicants speak to improving quality as it pertains to their practice.

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