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Role-specific Advancement

Welcome to the UMHS Role-Specific Advancement Model website!

This website was designed for all nurses within the 4 Role Specific Classifications, including:


Within the contract negotiations, 2004, the UMHS Professional Development Framework was created for all staff nurses interested in professional advancement in their roles.   The Role Specific Nurses, because of their unique roles and responsibilities, were addressed by the following language:  “Further discussion will occur as to whether and how employees in the pay grade N-3, such as Flight Nurses and Practice Management Coordinators, could or should be included in the Professional Development Framework Model”.

Following implementation of the Professional Development Framework in 2006, an assessment of the four role specific titles was undertaken. That process included a review of classification descriptions, job postings, and number and work setting of incumbent nurses within each classification. Further, semi-structured interviews were conducted with representative nurses within each role, as well as select managers who supervise role specific nurses. 

This assessment confirmed the perspective that the work of the Role Specific nurses was not sufficiently described in the Framework Behaviors.  In fact, there were significant differences between the 4 Role Specific titles.  Therefore, the Joint Implementation Team recommended that a Design Team (can only be accessed within Hospital network) representative of nurses within each of the roles, as well as managers who supervise them, meet in Fall, 2007, to draft an Advancement Model for the Role Specific nurses.  That draft was to be implemented on an INTERIM basis until Contract negotiations 2008 was completed and the process could be placed in the Contract.  

The Domains, Subheadings, and Behaviors that had been developed during Fall 2007 moved through Negotiations 2008 with minimal revision. The behaviors reflecting leadership/contribution and "off the unit" contributions were reordered and bolded for improved clarity. The teams agreed that advancement would be made based on a preponderance of evidence of all behaviors in total, rather than within each domain. In 2014 the Practice Management Coordinator behaviors were retired as the new “RN Case Manager” role behaviors were under development.  In February 2015 the new RN Case Manager behaviors were approved by the Joint Implementation Team and put in place so that nurses in this role would be given the opportunity to advance.

You, as a role specific nurse, are invited to use this site to better understand the Advancement Model.  It is up to you whether you choose to apply for advancement, but you are encouraged to do so.  The Role Specific Advancement Model provides recognition and reward for the powerful work you do each and every day at the University of Michigan Health System.   

Target Audience: UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath | Last reviewed: 3/2015