UMHS Nursing Professional Development
and Education for Nursing (PD&E)

Your professional growth and career development start from the moment you join the University of Michigan (UMHS) staff and continue throughout your tenure at the Health System.

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Your journey begins with a two-week Central Nurse Orientation (CNO). During this period, you will complete mandatory UMHS topics and receive vital information you need for your new role within your unit.

Unit orientation ranges from 6 weeks to 6 months based on your experience and unit patient population. A preceptored, individualized program is designed to meet your needs as you complete and master specific role and clinical competencies. There are externships for nursing students and internships for RNs in the Operating Rooms and Emergency Department. Additional education is available for staff who expand their role to being preceptors, educational nurse coordinators, and/or charge nurses.

Ongoing Competence

Competence is maintained and enhanced through updates on current clinical issues, high risk practices, and new equipment. Opportunities to learn include unit-based in-services, web-based learning, staff meetings, and simulation or skills labs.

Professional Development

Continuing Education promotes your clinical expertise and role development. Many of our continuing education activities receive contact hours through the ANCC accreditation process, including Nursing Grand Rounds, Brown Bag Lunch sessions, symposiums and conferences.

The Professional Development Framework and Role Specific Advancement Model provide recognition and reward for the powerful work you do each and every day at the University of Michigan Health System. These models encourage nurses to build their careers at UMHS, moving toward personalized professional aspirations at a self-initiated pace.





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