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Professional Development Framework:
Framework Education

There are several options available to you in order to learn more about the Professional Development Framework.

The Framework Website

The UMHS Nursing Community identified information provided on a web site as a preferred method for learning about Framework. You can use this website to learn everything you need to know about the Professional Development Framework and advancement process. An added advantage of the website is that it can be accessed outside of the Health System.


Coach support is an option for all Framework applicants and is available on a 1:1 or group basis. Many nurses find our coach’s assistance to be extremely valuable as they create their portfolios and plan for their interviews.

“Drop-in” or “Unit-based” Framework Classes

Getting Started with Framework/RSAM: Gain an overview of Framework/RSAM and the application process, with time for your questions.

Exemplar Writing: Learn more about how to approach this element of your portfolio, including what an exemplar of practice is, and how to begin writing yours.

Drop-in classes are held periodically and advertised via email. Alternatively, the Framework Coach and/or Educational Nurse Specialist are available to come to your work setting to present “Getting Started”, “Exemplar Writing”, or any Framework/RSAM topic of your choice. The class will be scheduled to meet the needs of your unit and shift. Unit-based sessions can be done “In-service style” or as a Unit “drop-in” session.

Resources for Review and Reading from Dr. Christine Pacini, PhD, RN Former Director of Educational Services for Nursing (now Professional Development & Education)

The following two documents were created by Dr. Pacini in 2006 when the Professional Development Framework was first initiated. The content remains current and applicable as Framework moves into its 8th year.



Target Audience:UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath
Last reviewed: 11/10/2015 April Stingo