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Professional Development Framework:
Requirements to Apply: Discipline

(JIT Clarification of discipline in relation to application eligibility
May 30, 2006

The nurse with active discipline may apply per his/her own decision. The manager will utilize the Manager Assessment Tool to her/hisr perspective on the candidate. The descriptors on the tool relate to behaviors, rather than discipline. The manager will rate the nurse on these behaviors, make comments as necessary (per the usual process), but the word “discipline” will not be used nor shared with the Central Committee. Para 501A applies.

Paragraph 501A:

Six months following the issuance of a disciplinary letter, and at the employee’s request, the manager will write a second letter reflecting the employee’s current status. In addition, letters of discipline more than twoyears old will not be considered in transfer/promotion decisions. Such letters shall not be used in progressive discipline. For those disciplinary cases that rise to the level of disciplinary layoff or discharge, the letters of discipline which are more than two years old and indicate a trend or pattern may be used. (See Intent Note for Paragraph 501A below.)

Intent Note for Paragraph 501A:

We agree that in transfer/promotion, the Employment Office will not discuss discipline older than two years with the hiring manager. If an employee is denied transfer/promotion due to the manager’s reliance on discipline older than two years, the request for transfer/promotion will be reevaluated without consideration to the discipline.

Addendum D, Section B, 6:

Discipline will not be an automatic bar to advancement or renewal, nor will the facts giving rise to the discipline be automatically discarded from consideration of advancement.


Target Audience:UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath
Last reviewed: 11/10/2015 April Stingo