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Professional Development Framework/
Role Specific Advancement Model:
Central Committee

An important feature of the Professional Development Framework and Role Specific Advancement Model is the Central Committee.  The Central Committee provides a full review of each applicant’s portfolio in the context of the Framework domains and behaviors.  Each Central Committee member participates in a two-day orientation program to deepen their understanding of Framework and RSAM as well as Central Committee responsibilities and processes, focusing on the knowledge and skills necessary to be an effective member.

The Central Committee reviews Application Portfolios and interviews candidates who seek advancement to Levels D & E in Framework or to Expert or Mastery in RSAM.  Membership is comprised of 21 nurses who are representative of the UMHS nursing community. All Framework and RSAM nurses on the Central Committee must have themselves gone through the advancement process.  Appointed by JIT, the Central Committee is currently chaired by the Director of Professional Development and Education, Dr. Sharon Smith, PhD, RN and the Educational Nurse Specialist lead for Framework/RSAM, Stephanie Minerath, MSN, RN.  Per contract, the Central Committee members have staggered terms of two years, with half of the committee rotating off every year.  Members may be re-appointed.

The Central Committee conducts its work in accordance with group norms created to uphold and maintain the integrity of the Professional Development Framework and Role Specific Advancement Model.

Target Audience:UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath
Last reviewed: 11/10/2015 April Stingo