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Professional Development Framework:

A coach is a nurse with special training who consults and works with a Framework applicant over the course of the application process.   The consistent 1:1 relationship between the coach and nurse will foster the exploration of professional strengths/ accomplishments and promote fully developed exemplar writing. The coach may assist the applicant in managing the process of developing a portfolio and preparing for the Central Committee review panel interview.

While it is not required that you work with a coach, it is highly recommended that you take advantage of this assistance before you submit your application.  A coach is now available to assist you.  Our coach possesses a full understanding of Framework/RSAM processes and is skilled in helping nurses to identify and communicate to others their unique contributions, skills, strengths, and goals.

Meet the PDF/RSAM Coach:

To access a coach, click here and share your interest in meeting with a coach. Please note where you work, and how you can best be reached. You can also reach the coach by opening your email, selecting “new E-mail” and filling in the “To” field with the following address:



Target Audience:UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath
Last reviewed: 11/10/2015 April Stingo