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Professional Development Framework:
Meet the Framework/RSAM Coach

Patty Lindsay-Carr

Patricia M. Lindsay-Carr, BSN, RN
Level E Nurse
Adult Medical Observation Unit
Educational Nurse Coordinator
Professional Development and Education
University of Michigan Health System

Patty has been at the University of Michigan since 1980, starting her career in Mott on a school- age unit with medical-surgical and hematology pediatric patients working as a staff nurse, preceptor, charge nurse and assistant head nurse. She then moved to the ambulatory care setting initially working as a staff nurse with Pediatric, Internal Medicine, and OB/GYN patients and next as an Educational Nurse Coordinator. Currently, Patty works in the Adult Medical Observation Unit, caring for a variety of patients who require close monitoring, admitted from such places as the Emergency Department or one of many procedure areas. She is also a part-time Educational Nurse Coordinator, working as the Professional Development Framework and Role Specific Advancement Model (RSAM) coach in the department of Professional Development and Education.

Patty has been a champion of Framework and RSAM since the implementation of the Professional Development Framework in 2006.  She has coached and mentored many Framework and RSAM nurses in the development of their portfolios and assisted them in preparing for their interviews. Her coaching experience includes both Ambulatory Care and inpatient nurses. Patty, too, has gone through the advancement process.

Patty holds certification in Ambulatory Care Nursing and her ASTD certification from the American Society of Training and Development. Given her diverse clinical background and experience coupled with her recognized commitment to and passion for Framework/RSAM, we are truly fortunate to have Patty in the coach role!

Says Patty:

“I meet with nurses at any stage of their Framework/RSAM advancement, from those just wanting to discuss their practice in order to be ready for advancement in 6-12 months, to those who want to get started right away.  We meet to discuss the overall process, focus on application portfolio elements, and/or get ready for the Central Committee interview.  It has been exciting to meet colleagues from all over the Health System and learn about the amazing things they do in their daily work. I meet with nurses who work on the main UMHS campus and those who work in outlying health centers, clinics, and procedure areas. I can meet with you once, several times, or throughout your advancement process—whatever you choose, I look forward to hearing from you!”


Target Audience:UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath
Last reviewed: 11/2013