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Professional Development Framework:
Manager Voice

The “Manager Voice” is a required element for advancement to Levels D & E in the Central Committee process.   The “Manager Voice” is provided using the grid of Behaviors that describe all 5 Domains of Nursing.   It is an important perspective for successful advancement within the Professional Development Framework.  The manager provides an assessment of the applicant’s work over time that is especially helpful in evaluating individual accomplishment.  

The manager should select the behaviors within each domain that best reflect the quality, scope, depth and consistency of an individual nurse’s practice.  Managers are encouraged to add specific comments and examples within the Domains.  By doing so, managers are describing how that specific nurse’s practice exemplifies that specific behavior or set of behaviors.

For example, within the Professional Development Domain “Contribution to Others”, the Nurse Manager might circle the behavior “Works to create and sustain and culture that is supportive and rewards and recognizes professionalism”.  That manager further adds the comment: “Jessica assumed leadership for a unit Positive Organizational Scholarship (POS) endeavor that involved each staff member writing a “best self” paragraph on another staff member.  The sharing of these writings provided a very meaningful team building session at our last unit retreat.”  Through this short statement, the Central Committee is able to clearly understand why that Level E behavior was circled.  Such validation enriches the manager voice and the overall portfolio.

Managers are further encouraged to provide comments and/or examples within the final summary section of the Manager Voice Tool.

Applicants are encouraged to plan ahead in order to ensure that this required element is included in their portfolio at the time it is submitted.  Managers have 30 calendar days in which to complete the Manager Voice Tool and return it to the nurse, starting from the date that they receive the request.

Target Audience:UMHS Nurses | Author/Contact: Stephanie Minerath
Last reviewed: 11/10/2015 April Stingo