Michigan Lupus Epidemiology and Surveillance Program



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Public health surveillance does not require individualized consent. Multiple recruitment strategies and a two-step screening process will ensure complete surveillance. This database will provide a much-needed basis for expanding public health knowledge of these chronic diseases. The success of future research depends in large part on developing an accurate picture of prevalence patterns, which can only be accomplished through surveillance
Active Lupus Registry:
Developed from the Surveillance Database, the Active Lupus Registry will include only participants who provide written informed consent.

Registry participants will provide information on quality of life, health services utilization, and disease progression.

The Registry will serve as a rich source of additional information on the health, social, and economic impact of Lupus and other connective tissue diseases.

In addition, registry participants may consent to be informed of future research opportunities. The valuable information to be gained through research can lessen the impact of lupus on individuals and communities
Disclosures for Public Health Activities