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Medical & Dental Courses

Microbiology 301 [3 cr.]

Elementary Microbiology for Health Professional Students. Chem. 116. Course Director: Stephen Cooper. Lectures and independent study units designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of microbiology applicable to the health professions. Topics are presented at an elementary level and include the biology of microbial cells, medical microbiology, immunology and virology. (Should be accompanied by Micro. 350). Required for dental hygiene students. Winter terms only.

Microbiology 350 [1 cr.]

Introductory Laboratory in Medical Microbiology . Lab Course in College Biol. and Chem. Course Director: Elliot Juni. An introduction to the techniques and principles of the isolation, cultivation, identification and properties of microorganisms relevant to human health and disease. (This course should be accompanied or preceded by one of the following: Micro. 301 or equiv.) This lab is geared towards Dental Hygenist students and winter lab for Pharmacy students. Winter terms only.

Microbiology 500 [1 cr.]

Microbiology Component I - Fundamentals . M1 Medical Students. Course Director: Philip Hanna. The course will address the basic elements of bacterial and viral biology. Emphasis will be placed on determinants of microbial survival during interactions with a host. Winter term.

Microbiology 507 [2 cr.]

Microbiology Component I - Host Defenses . M1 Medical Students. Course Director: Wesley Dunnick. Humans have developed defense systems to cope with a world dominated by potentially harmful microbes. In this course the fundamental properties of the specific and nonspecific host defense responses will be described. Winter term.

Microbiology 533 [1 cr.]

Introductory Laboratory for Dental Students. Course Director Elliot Juni. Laboratory in principles and techniques of microbiology and immunology with an introduction of their application to dentistry. Fall term only.