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Seminars 2006 - 2007

All Seminars are at 12:00 noon on Thursdays in room 5623 of Med Sci II unless otherwise indicated.


September 9, 2006
Ari Molofsky Ph.D
2004-2005 MacNeal Distinguished Dissertation Award Seminar
"A Nod to Inflammatory Cell Death: Mouse Macrophages Detect Cytosolic Flagellin to Restrict Legionella Infection"
Host: Microbiology and Immunology

September 14, 2006
Bernard Moss, M.D., Ph.D
Laboratory of Viral Diseases, DIR, NIAID, NIH
"New insights into poxvirus entry and assembly"
Host: Gary Luker

September 21, 2006
Laurie Achenbach, Ph.D
Southern Illinois University, Department of Microbiology
"The Microbiology of Perchlorate Reduction: Genetics and Bioremediation"
Host: Kathy Spindler and Lutgarde Raskin (Environmental Engineering)

September 28, 2006
Margaret McFall-Ngai, Ph.D
University of Wisconsin Madison, Department of Medical Microbiology and Immunology
"The language of mutualism:insights from the squid-vibrio system"
Host: Mary O'Riordan and ADVANCE Program of Visiting Scientists

October 5, 2006
Anette Schneemann, Ph.D
The Scripps Research Institute, Department of Molecular Biology
"Virus-host interactions controlling nodaviral RNA replication and assembly"
Host: David Miller

October 12, 2006
Janice Blum, Ph.D
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Indiana University School of Medicine
"Autophagy and Immune Recognition"
Host: Malini Raghavan

Wednesday, October 18, 2006
Thomas L. Benjamin, Ph.D
Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor of Cancer Research and Teaching
Harvard University, Department of Pathology
"From Polyoma Virus Tumor Antigens to Human Disease"
Host: Michael Imperiale

October 26, 2006
Postdoc-Invited Speaker
Joseph W. St.Geme III, M.D.
Duke University Department of Pediatrics
"Type 5 secretion and the pathogenesis of Haemophilus influenzae disease"
Host: Amanda Lloyd

November 2, 2006
Juan-Carlos Zuniga-Pflucker, Ph.D
University of Toronto Department of Immunology
"Reconstructing T cell development in vitro"
Host: Phil King

November 9, 2006
Leslie Schiff, Ph.D
University of Minnesota Department of Microbiology, Immunology,and Cancer Biology
“Breaking and Entering: Viral and Cellular Determinants of Cell Entry by Oncolytic Reoviruses”
Host: Kathy Spindler

November 16, 2006
Michael Berton, Ph.D
University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
"Toll-like Receptors and the Innate Immune Response to Pulmonary F. tularensis infection"
Host: Wes Dunnick

November 28, 2006
Co-Sponsored with The Center for Chemical Genomics
Pamela Small, Ph.D
University of Tennessee Department of Microbiology
"Macrolide-mediated virulence in aquatic mycobacterial pathogens"
Host: David Sherman

November 30, 2006
Stephen M. Boyle, Ph.D
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
Department of Biomedical Sciences and Pathobiology Center for Molecular Medicine & Infectious Diseases
"Development and Refinement of a Vaccine to Protect Against Brucellosis and Other Diseases"
Host: Yongqun He

December 7, 2006
Carolyn Bertozzi, Ph.D
University of California Berkeley, Dept. of Chemistry and Molecular and Cell Biology
"Sulfation Pathways in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: New Opportunities for Drug Development"
Host: Victor DiRita and ULAM

December 14, 2006
Silvia Vidal, Ph.D
McGill University Research Institute, Dept. of Molecular Genetics and Virology
"Genetic and functional interactions between MHC class I and NK cell receptors control host resistance against mouse cytomegalovirus"
Host: Kathy Spindler and ADVANCE Program of Visiting Scientists

January 4, 2007
Yoshi Kawaoka, Ph.D
University of Wisconsin, Madison, and University of Tokyo
"Why Influenza Kills and Will Kill Again"
Host: Akira Ono

January 11, 2007
Andrew Pekosz, Ph.D
Washington University Department of Molecular Microbiology
"Influenza A virus infection of the airway epithelium"
Host: Gary Luker

January 18, 2007
Mark R. Philips, M.D.
New York University Cancer Institute, NYU School of Medicine Department of Medicine, Cell Biology and Pharmacology
"Compartmentalization of Ras Signaling"
Host: Phil King

January 25, 2007
Student-Invited Speaker
Brett Finlay, Ph.D
University of British Columbia, Departments of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology and Microbiology & Immunology
"Pathogenic E. coli: The role of the pathogen, the host, and the microbiota"
Host: Kristie Keeney

February 1, 2007
Mary Dinauer, M.D., Ph.D
Indiana University
"Regulation of the Phagocyte NADPH Oxidase"
Host: Joel Swanson

February 8, 2007
Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis Training Program's Young Investigators Seminar Series
Kate S. Carroll, Ph.D
University of Michigan Department of Chemistry
"Reducing the Mysteries of Sulfur Metabolism in Mycobacterium tuberculosis"
Host: Alice Telesnitsky and Vic DiRita

March 8, 2007
Christine Jacobs-Wagner, Ph.D
Yale University Dept. of Molecular, Cellular & Developmental Biology
"Cell polarity, cell morphogenesis, and the cytoskeleton: A bacterial perspective"
Host: Maria Sandkvist

March 15, 2007
Angel W. Lee, M.D., Ph.D
University of Michigan
"Dissecting CSF-1 receptor pathways that regulate macrophage production"
Host: Joel Swanson

March 22, 2007
Robert H. Silverman, Ph.D
Lerner Research Institute
"An Infectious Retrovirus Susceptible to an Interferon Antiviral Pathway from Human Prostate Tumors"
Host: Alice Telesnitsky

March 29, 2007
Molecular Mechanisms of Microbial Pathogenesis Training Program's Young Investigators Seminar Series
Joan Mecsas, Ph.D
Tufts University
Department of Molecular Biology & Microbiology
"Role of Yersinia Yops in animal models of infection"
Host: Victor DiRita

April 5, 2007
Laurie Glimcher, Ph.D
Irene Heinz Given
Professor of Immunology Department of Immunology and Infectious Diseases
Harvard School of Public Health
Professor of Medicine Harvard Medical School
"Inflammation and immunity intersect at the transcription factor XBP-1"
Host: Malini Raghavan

April 12, 2007
Eric Hansen, Ph.D
University of Texas Southwestern Department of Microbiology
"Inhibition of Phagocytosis by Haemophilys ducreyi"
Host: Victor DiRita

April 19, 2007
Sean Prigge, Ph.D
Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
"Lipoate metabolism in malaria: a tale of two organelles"
Host: Vern Carruthers

April 26, 2007
Peter Greenberg, Ph.D
University of Washington Chair, Department of Microbiology
Host: Harry Mobley

May 3, 2007
Michele Swanson, Ph.D
University of Michigan Department of Microbiology and Immunology
Host: Kathy Spindler

May 10, 2007
Jorge Escalante-Semerena, Ph.D
University of Wisconsin-Madison
Department of Bacteriology
"Straategies Used by Salmonella to Maintain CoA Hoemostasis During Growth on SHort-Chain Fatty Acids"
Host: Michele Swanson

May 17, 2007
Robert A. Lamb, Ph.D, Sc.D.
Northwestern University Molecular and Cellular Biology Department
"Extreme nanomachines: membrane fusion mediated by the paramyxovirus F protein"
Host: CDB and Microbiology & Immunology

May 31, 2007
John McKinney, Ph.D
Rockefeller University
Host: Mary O'Riordan

June 14, 2007
Peter Sarnow, Ph.D
Stanford University School of Medicine
Department of Microbiology and Immunology
"Subversion of a liver-specific microRNA hepatitis C virus"
Host: Alice Telesnitsky