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Elliot Juni

Professor Emeritus
Ph.D, Western Reserve University, Cleveland, 1951

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Metabolism, Physiology, and Taxonomic Relationship of Gram-negative Cocci. A large number of as yet unclassified Gram-negative cocci are known to be associated with amimals and are also found in soil and water. Using a simple technique for genetic transformation, Dr. Juni and his co-workers have devised a method for establishing the genetic relatedness of bacteria in genera such as Acintobacter, Moraxella, and Neisseria. Current efforts in the laboratory are concerned with establishing new genera for Gram-negative cocci based largely on their genetic compatibility. Some of these bacteria appear to have unique physiological properties, and certain aspects of their metabolism and its regulation are under investigation.

Selected Publications:

Juni, E. and Bøvre, K.  2005. Family II. Moraxellaceae, Genus I. Moraxella, Genus II. Acinetobacter, Genus III. Psychrobacter. In Garrity, G. M. ed. Bergey's Manual of Systematic Bacteriology. Vol. 2, Part B. pg. 411-441.