High Risk Basal and Squamous Cell Cancers / Mohs Surgery

The U-M Dermatology Cutaneous Surgery & Oncology Program remains a leader in the treatment of basal cell carcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma with the use of the highly effective Mohs Micrographic surgery, available at U-M since 1955. This process has a remarkable local cure rate with new cancers and recurrent cancers, while conserving as much normal tissue as possible. Tissue reconstruction using skin flaps and grafts is usually performed on the same day by the Mohs surgeons. Our attending staff Mohs surgeons have completed two years of post graduate cutaneous oncology and reconstructive surgery fellowship training. For extensive skin cancers, care is coordinated through a multidisciplinary team of Mohs surgeons; head and neck, plastic, and oculoplastic surgeons; and surgical, medical, and radiation oncologists.

For a first hand look at Mohs Micrographic surgery, watch: "Friends For Life: Jim Geyer's Skin Cancer Treatment Story" (WLNS/6-Lansing, Michigan).


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