We've all heard the phrase "Beauty is only skin deep." The truth is, feeling confident about your outward appearance can build a deep inner confidence that can not only change the way the world sees you - but also how you see the world.

At the Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center (CDLC) you will experience private and personal care administered by expert physicians at a world-class medical facility.

The physicians and staff at the CDLC care for patients with a wide range of cosmetic conditions. Whether you want to restore a more youthful look to your skin or remove unwanted hair, blood vessels, tattoos, or vascular birthmarks, the Cosmetic Dermatology and Laser Center (CDLC) offers the most state-of-the-art (modern and effective) treatment options to help you achieve your personal goals.

University of Michigan Expertise and Quality

The Cosmetic Dermatology & Laser Center (CDLC) is part of the world-renowned University of Michigan Hospitals and Clinics. Our faculty physicians are board-certified and practice medicine solely at the University of Michigan Health System. Unlike many other laser centers, there are no technicians, medical assistants, or non-medical personnel who perform laser treatments at the CDLC. Our physicians perform your initial consultation and all procedures. We also have a dedicated staff of nurses to assist in the care of our patients before, during, and after procedures.

A Tremendous Range of Services

The CDLC utilizes the most current, safe and effective treatment options available--including numerous different laser treatment systems that work to achieve specific results. A broad range of treatment options and plans are available for most cosmetic skin conditions. Our staff will provide the opportunity to learn more about which procedures are best for meeting your own individual needs. At your initial consultation, you and your CDLC physician will develop a plan tailored to address your personal cosmetic concerns and expectations.

Our Patients Say it Best

Here are just a few of the things our patients have told us about their experience at the CDLC:

  • "The physicians and staff at the CDLC are genuinely warm and welcoming to me."
  • "I'm very pleased with the results and with each treatment, I have seen great improvements. And, I was surprised at how pain-free it is."
  • "My skin looks so much better—my expectations were totally met. The atmosphere was pleasant and the quality of care was excellent."
  • "I used to hate wearing shirts that showed my neck. Now I can wear what I want and not feel self-conscious about my appearance. I've told my friends all about the CDLC—how quick and easy the procedure was and how knowledgeable and caring the physicians are."
  • "You can see that the CDLC is very much based on teamwork—among the staff themselves and between the staff and the patients."


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