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Yiru Xu, PhD

Research Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology

Selected Publications

  1. Xu Y, and Barbieri JT. Biochemical Analysis of Mutations at Tyrosine-98 of the S1 Subunit of Pertussis Toxin. Biochemistry. 1994;33:1573-1579.
  2. Xu Y, Barbanšon-Finck V, and Barbieri JT. Role of Histidine 35 of the S1 Subunit of Pertussis Toxin in the ADP-ribosylation of Transducin. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1994;269:9993-9999.
  3. Xu Y, and Barbieri JT. Pertussis Toxin Mediated ADP-ribosylation of Target Proteins in Chinese Hamster Ovary Cells Involves a Vesicle Trafficking Mechanism. Infection and Immunity. 1995;63:825-832.
  4. Xu Y, and Barbieri JT. Pertussis Toxin-Catalyzed ADP-Ribosylation of Gi-2 and Gi-3 in CHO Cells Is Modulated by Inhibitors of Intracellular Trafficking. Infection and Immunity. 1996;64:593-599.
  5. Xu Y, Guo D-F, Davidson M, Inagami T, and Carpenter G. Interaction Of Adapter Protein Shc With Cell Adhesion Molecule Cadherin. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 1997;272:13463-13466.
  6. Xu Y, Carpenter G. Identification of Cadherin Tryosine Residues That Are Phosphorylated and Mediate Shc Association. J of Cell Biochem. 1999;75:164-271.
  7. Wan Y, Wang Z, Shao Y, Xu Y, Voorhees J, and Fisher G. UV-Induced Expression of GADD45 is Mediated by an Oxidant Sensitive Pathway in Cultured Human Keratinocytes and in Human Skin in vivo. International Journal of Molecular Medicine. 2000;6:683-688.
  8. Xu Y, Tan L-J, Grachtchouk V, Voorhees JJ, Fisher GJ. Receptor-type Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase-k Regulates Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Function. Journal of Biology Chemistry. 2005;280:42694-42700.
  9. Xu Y, Fisher GJ. Ultraviolet (UV) Light Irradiation Induced Signal Transduction in Skin Photoaging. Journal of Dermatological Science. 2005;1:S1-S8.
  10. Xu Y, Voorhees J, and Fisher G. Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor is a Critical Mediator of Ultraviolet B Irradiation-Induced Signal Transduction in Immortalized Human Keratinocyte HaCaT Cells. American Journal of Pathology. 2006;169(3):823-830.
  11. Xu Y, Shao Y, Voorhees JJ, and Fisher GJ. Oxidative Inhibition of Receptor type Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase Kappa by Ultraviolet Irradiation Activates EGFR in Human Keratinocytes. Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2006;281:27389-27397.


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