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Thomas F. Anderson, MD

Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology


1977-2004, (Completed) Director of NIH Five Year Grant Subcontract #N01AM72200 (plus extensions and renewals)

1979-1980, (Completed) Declomycin Phototoxicity Study

2002-present, A Multi-Center Epidemiology Study to Evaluate the Potential for Adverse Health Effects in Fetuses and Live-Born Infants Following a Woman's Inadvertent Exposure to Tazaratone Cream or Gel (0.1% or 0.05%) for Psoriasis During Pregnancy, Compared with a Similar Group of Psoriatic Women Not Exposed to Tazarotene and Compared with Background Levels in the General Population. IRBMED #: 2001-0464

2004-present, HuMax-CD4 in Refractory Mycosis Fungoides. A Double-blind, Randomized, Two-dose, Parallel Group, Multi-center Clinical Trial of HuMax-CD4, a Fully Human Monoclonal Anti-CD4 Antibody, in Patients with Mycosis Fungoides type CTCL (stage IB-IVB) who are Refractory or Intolerant to Targretrin® (bexarotene) and one other Standard Therapy.


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