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Sunny Y. Wong, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology
Assistant Professor, Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

Selected Publications

  1. Peterson S.C., Eberl M., Vagnozzi A.N., Belkadi A., Veniaminova N.A., Verhaegen M.E., Bichakjian C.K., Ward N.L., Dlugosz A.A., Wong S.Y. "Basal cell carcinoma preferentially arises from stem cells within hair follicle and mechanosensory niches." 2015. 16: Cell Stem Cell. pp. 400-412. (PMCID:PMC4387376)
  2. Veniaminova N.A., Vagnozzi A.N., Kopinke D., Do T.T., Murtaugh L.C., Maillard I., Dlugosz A.A., Reiter J.F., and Wong SY. “Keratin 79 identifies a novel population of migratory epithelial cells that initiates hair canal morphogenesis and regeneration.” 2013. 140: Development. pp. 4870-4880. (PMCID: PMC3848186)
  3. Wong, S.Y. and Reiter, J.F. "Wounding mobilizes hair follicle stem cells to form tumors." 2011. 108: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. pp. 4093-4098. (PMCID: PMC3053984)
  4. Wong, S.Y., Seol, A.D., So, P.L., Ermilov, A.N., Bichakjian, C.K., Epstein Jr., E.H., Dlugosz, A.A., and Reiter, J.F. "Primary cilia can both mediate and suppress Hedgehog pathway-dependent tumorigenesis." 2009. 15: Nature Medicine. pp. 1055-1061. (PMCID: PMC2895420)
  5. Wong, S.Y. and Reiter, J.F. "The primary cilium: at the crossroads of mammalian hedgehog signaling." 2009. 85: Current Topics in Developmental Biology. pp. 225-60. (review article) (PMCID: PMC2653622)


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