Melanoma Program

Melanoma - among the most dangerous of all cancers and with the greatest annual increase in incidence - is of critical concern to dermatologists. The U-M Multidisciplinary Melanoma Program is one of the largest dermatology-based clinical programs in the United States, with approximately 1,200 new patient consultations per year.

During your participation in this program, you will learn evaluation techniques, clinical findings, staging, sentinel lymph node biopsies and therapies. Furthermore, you will attend the multi-disciplinary tumor board meetings to develop consensus treatment recommendations for patients requiring multi-specialty care.

Over the three-year residency, the faculty will teach:

  • Current knowledge of melanoma and Atypical Mole Syndrome.
  • Management of patients with both melanoma and atypical moles.
  • How to obtain a relevant history and perform a thorough physical examination to detect melanoma and metastatic disease.
  • Appropriate diagnostic evaluation for staging and laboratory monitoring of patients.
  • The latest medical and surgical treatments of melanoma, including sentinel lymph node biopsy.


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