M2 Sequence (Legacy)

Overall Objectives

This sequence's activities are designed to correlate basic science with clinical dermatologic phenomena. As a clinical specialty, Dermatology is very visual and accordingly, students will be exposed to a considerable number of photos of real skin diseases. In addition, students will learn by observing clinic patients with fixed cutaneous findings.


This sequence consists of a week-long series of lectures, an afternoon of live-patient Grand Rounds, dermatology consults for interested students and two hours of Pathology Lab.

Faculty Lectures

Faculty lectures are oriented to provide core information on dermatology. The sequence generally begins with a lecture on the structure and function of skin. Skin disorders that result from altered structure and function of skin components are presented. Because cellular immunology is important in many inflammatory skin disorders, this subject is also discussed. Lecturers also discuss changes in the skin - neonates to aged individuals - and skin pigmentation. Common dermatoses are presented along with their treatment options, with emphasis given to skin cancers.


Following the sequence, a final exam will test students on the material covered in lectures, and the Pathology Lab.


The Dermatology M2 sequence generally occurs in December. Please refer to the U-M Medical School website (http://www.med.umich.edu/medschool/) for specific dates and additional program information.


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