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Dermatology deals with all types of skin conditions - from acne to cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, from cosmetic surgery to melanoma. To help interested medical students gain experience and early insight into the scope of dermatology as a specialty, the U-M Dermatology Department provides rotations for fourth-year U-M Medical School students. Space permitting, a limited number of non-U-M medical students are also invited to take this rotation.

Directed by Chris Bichakjian, MD and honored by the American Academy of Dermatology, our intensive dermatology teaching sequence for second-year medical students received the Academy's National Award for Excellence in Education and is top-ranked by its students.

Research Opportunities

The Department of Dermatology offers opportunities for students to participate in research within our department, based on availability and qualifications. If you are interested in dermatologic research, please fill out our Student Research Application. Information provided through this application is made available to Dermatology faculty with available research positions.


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