HIV/Infectious Disease/VD/STDs

You will gain clinical experience in the diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic expression of sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs). In addition to learning from first hand experience with patients, you will deepen your understanding of the challenges and newest treatments through conferences held on AIDs and specific STDs.

Over the three-year residency, the faculty will teach:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic conditions affecting HIV positive individuals.
  • Individualized management of each patient based upon their clinical diagnosis, social-economic situation, previous treatments, previous adverse reactions, and current medical condition and treatment.
  • The basic pathologic processes involved in the pathogenesis of cutaneous disease in the setting of acquired immunodeficiency.
  • Methods to assess patients with diverse sexual orientations and with underprivileged social situations including homelessness and substance abuse.
  • Appearance of cutaneous signs of STD.


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