General Dermatology

During your General Dermatology rotations, you will have daily interactions with patients, providing you the opportunity to acquire clinical experience in diagnosis and treatment of common and rare dermatologic conditions. You will be responsible for gathering essential and accurate information about each patient, performing an evaluation and developing a therapeutic plan, and presenting your findings and recommendations to the attending. Through this experience, as well as didactic conferences with requisite reading and weekly Grand Rounds with unknown patients and dermatopathology, you will reinforce the foundation for your career in dermatology.

Over the three-year residency, the faculty will teach:

  • Diagnosis and treatment of dermatologic conditions.
  • Individualized management plans for each patient based on clinical diagnosis, previous treatments, previous adverse reactions, current medical conditions and treatments, and concomitant diseases.
  • Pathologic processes involved in the pathogenesis of cutaneous disease.
  • The latest therapies including new therapies in late-phase testing.
  • Methods to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Wide-ranging treatment plans that incorporate benefit, risk and cost-effectiveness.
  • Diagnostic testing methods and interpretation of results.
  • Drug reactions and drug-drug interactions.
  • Minor surgical and procedural therapies and diagnostic tests.
  • Incorporation of knowledge from other rotations in the residency into general dermatology.
  • Coding for services.


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