Proficiency in interpretation of histologic sections of the skin and an understanding of laboratory procedures is required of dermatology residents. There are two rotations in dermatopathology (one early, one later) plus continuous study of a dermatopathology textbook, weekly lectures, and study of "unknowns".

Over the three-year residency, the faculty will teach:

  • The importance of providing adequate history in the interpretation of cutaneous biopsies.
  • The mechanics of specimen accessioning and processing including the proper grossing of skin biopsies.
  • The methods of reviewing microscopic sections and diagnosing common and rare inflammatory dermatoses and cutaneous tumors.
  • The special histochemical stains used in dermatopathology (PAS, colloidal iron, GMS, AFB, etc.) and their proper use.
  • The various immunohistochemical markers used in dermatopathology, their correct use and limitations, and the interpretation of these stains.


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