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The clinical practice of the U-M Dermatology Residency Program is supplemented with the didactic portion of our residents' learning experience.

  • In morning lecture, you will integrate and expand upon concepts from clinical dermatology, dermatopathology, pharmacology, surgery and basic science.
  • During our Diagnostic Conference/Grand Rounds, you will observe and study the cases of three to six patients in-person weekly. In addition, one of our dermatopathologists presents the relevant pathology, explaining the clinical-pathologic correlation.
  • Our basic science curriculum augments your knowledge, providing a strong foundation in basic science.
  • In addition, you will expand your understanding of dermatological issues through regularly scheduled book and journal clubs, lectures, and clinical cases shown in conferences.
  • Residents attend various meetings including Michigan Dermatologic Society and the American Academy of Dermatology meetings.

Didactic Session Schedule

Conference Location Frequency
Basic Science Derm Conf Rm 1x monthly
Diagnostic Conference/Grand Rounds Derm Conf Rm 4 - 5x monthly
Histopathology & Lever Dermatopathology Book Pathology 3x monthly
Resident Lecture Derm Conf Rm 2x monthly
Clinical and Basic Science Derm Conf Rm 6x monthly
Book Club Derm Conf Rm 4x monthly
Clinical Cases (projected) Derm Conf Rm 4x monthly
Journal Club -Clinical Derm Conf Rm 1x monthly
Multidisciplinary Melanoma Clinic Conference Cancer Center 2x monthly
Cutaneous T-Cell Lymphoma Cancer Center 1x monthly

Sample Monthly Conference Schedules:

July 2012 (pdf) | August 2012 (pdf)


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