Five minutes with Andrew L. Rosenberg, M.D.

Chief medical information officer, executive director of the Information & Data Management Division, associate professor of Anesthesiology and associate professor of Internal Medicine at University of Michigan Health System

issue 21 | Spring-Summer 2014

What is the UMHS vision for the new electronic health care record Epic/MiChart?

Our vision for MiChart is extremely clear — we aim to make the exchange of information regarding the team-oriented care of patients seamless and easier than it has ever been for UMHS and referring physicians. We plan to do this by using the absolute latest technology available. This will help us increase efficiency, reduce the duplication of efforts and increase the amount of data available to referring providers. It will also let us continue to provide novel clinical research and health innovation programs that enable us to provide the highest level of care.

We know that a change of this magnitude is extremely challenging to navigate. We, along with other academic health systems, recognize the important role that electronic health records (EHRs) play in the future of health care. We also recognize that a transition to the latest EHR systems is critical to meeting the requirements for the "meaningful use" of certified EHR technology.

What lessons have you learned along the way?

No major transformation is without its hurdles, and as with any transition this large, we acknowledge that there has been and will continue to be a steep learning curve.

We are deeply aware of and extremely sensitive to the impact that this "under construction" atmosphere has on busy providers whose first priority is to care for patients. We are working very hard to educate our staff on topics such as summaries of care and discharge summaries, as well as to help educate our external partners on the implementation of applications such as the "Epic to Epic" Care Everywhere and "Epic to Non Epic" Care Elsewhere systems. More importantly for providers who will need to link into our system, we will have a provider portal "Epic Care Link," which is the preferred intuitive solution for the exchange of patient information for providers whose EHRs are not directly linked to ours.

We thank all of you for sticking with us throughout this implementation process. We are confident that in the end this will help us all to provide better and more efficient patient care.