As a member of the Prostate Cancer Survivorship Clinic team, social worker and certified sex therapist Daniela Wittmann offers couples strategies for coping with the sexual side effects of surgery.

Surviving Side Effects

Prostate Cancer Survivorship Clinic addresses the urinary and sexual side effects of treatment.

issue 14 | winter 2012

The U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center has developed a Prostate Cancer Survivorship Clinic to provide patients with strategies to address the urinary and sexual side effects of treatment. Patients referred to the clinic begin survivorship visits after they complete cancer treatment.

During a visit, patients meet with a nurse practitioner and sexual health therapist with extensive education and training in the care of prostate cancer patients. They receive a comprehensive health exam followed by open discussion about topics of concern related to their individual prostate cancer histories, including signs of recurrence, counseling for sexual health recovery for individuals and couples, penile and pelvic floor rehabilitation, prostate cancer screening and lifestyle recommendations.

To ensure continuity of care, a treatment summary and survivorship care plan are sent to the patient, his primary care physician and the physician who referred the patient to the program.

Prostate cancer survivorship care — specifically sexual health and penile rehabilitation consults — is also available through the U-M Department of Urology to patients who have received cancer treatment elsewhere.