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iPads helpful for patients, families and physicians

issue 16 | summer 2012

The popularity of Apple's iPad tablet computer has extended to the hospital setting for patients, families and physicians. For example, rather than flip through a magazine, families in surgical waiting areas at the U-M Cardiovascular Center are now invited to borrow an iPad to listen to music, play games or surf the Internet.

The devices are also used by anesthesiology residents to access reference materials, monitor patients and perform administrative tasks such as room and surgical scheduling. When resident Adam Jenkins, M.D., is rushing to a code, the first thing he reaches for is his iPad.

"Using my iPad I can access Risk Watch, which lets me look up the patient in distress on my way to the code and gain valuable information about him or her before I even arrive," Jenkins says.

He is among the first group of residents to work in a paperless environment, with all essentials needed for education, patient care and department functions available at his fingertips through the iPad.