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Moles go Mobile

UMSkinCheck tracks skin changes, offers reminders

issue 17 | fall/winter 2012

UMSkinCheck, a new free mobile app developed at the University of Michigan Health System, walks users step by step through a skin self-exam. It allows iPhone and iPad users to create a photographic baseline of their skin and track suspicious moles or other skin lesions over time. It also provides pictures of various types of skin cancers for comparison.

The app guides users through taking a series of 23 photos, covering the body from head to toe. Photos are stored within the app and serve as a baseline for future comparisons. The app sends reminders to repeat skin self-exams on a regular basis. If a mole appears to be changing or growing, the photos can then be shared with a dermatologist to help determine whether a biopsy is necessary.

To get the free app, visit the iTunes App Store and search for UMSkinCheck.