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Traveling with a Child who has Heart Disease

There are no reasons not to travel if your child has a congenital heart defect. Traveling as a family is fun!  Common sense is always useful including knowing where the closest major children’s hospital is located.  Make sure that you travel with important phone numbers, including your Pediatric Cardiologist’s.  Pack enough medication for a couple extra doses in case travel plans change at the last minute.  If your child has a cyanotic (blue) heart defect and has not had the Fontan operation, oxygen must ALWAYS be used on airplane flights while in the air.  Children with cyanotic (blue) lesions should NEVER fly in a non-pressurized plane.  It is always smart to take a recent letter from your cardiologist in case of emergency.

2006:   Written  by Laura Bell,  RN, MSN,  PNP Pediatric Cardiac Surgery



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