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Secretin Stimulation Test (SST)

What is a Secretin Stimulation Test? Image

This test measures the ability of the pancreas to respond to a hormone called secretin. The small intestine produces Secretin when partially digested food has moved into the intestine from the stomach. Your doctor has requested this test, which will indicate the response of Gastrin, a naturally occurring hormone, to the injection of a medication called Secretin. During the test, a small tube (a catheter) will be placed in your arm to take blood samples and infuse the medication Secretin. The stimulation test lasts approximately two hours and is performed in the GI Physiology Laboratory in the Medical Procedures Unit.

How do I prepare for this test?

A Gastric Acid Study is routinely performed before this test will be ordered. Please consult with your ordering physician and health insurance company to insure coverage.

Please consult your healthcare insurance company before scheduling the test. Not all insurance companies cover the costs for this test. If we do not have insurance coverage authorization prior to the test you will be responsible for payment

Please follow these guidelines for a successful test:

Total test time is 2 ½ hours.

If you are unable to keep your appointment or have questions about the test or medications, please call the GI Physiology Lab in the MPU at 734-936-9250, option 2.

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Information provided by GI Physiology Laboratory staff, February 2011