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Incontinence Protection Pad Weight Test

For this part of your preparation, you will want to keep a normal schedule of eating, drinking and activity throughout the day.

In order to help us quantify the volume of urine you leak, on a daily basis, please do the following:

  1. Save all of the wet pads or briefs that you use in a 24 hour period (day & night). You can store them in any water-tight plastic bag (e.g. Ziploc). Some people use different types of protective items including pads, panty liners, Depends, protective briefs, etc. Be sure to bring in the collection of all protective items you actually use, including Kleenex or paper towels if applicable.
  2. Bring in one type of each un-used (dry) protective item with you. Be sure to keep the dry items separate from the wet items.
  3. We will compare the weight of the wet items to that of the dry items to calculate how much urine you leak. This will allow your Urologist to evaluate your urinary symptoms and recommend the most appropriate treatment for you. Repeating this process, at a later date, can help evaluate your progress.
  4. Please be sure to bring these pads with you to your next Urology appointment.

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