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Instructions For Patients With Diabetes Having Outpatient Procedures/Tests

If you manage your diabetes with insulin (or insulin and pills for diabetes):
For patients with diabetes, any test or procedure that causes you to miss a meal or change your usual meal plan will require special planning to safely manage your blood sugar. Because the timing of your meals and medicines will be different than usual, your blood sugar level is also likely to be different than usual and you will want to watch it closely. You should test your blood sugar at dinner and bedtime the night before the procedure and first thing in the morning of the procedure.

Here are some examples of how to manage your medications.

If you also take diabetes pills to manage your blood sugars:

NOTE: If you take any Metformin containing pills (Glucophage, Glucovance, etc.) to control your blood sugar: For procedures that inject dye (CT scans, IVP, some Angio procedures), you will need to be off of your Metformin containing pills the entire day of the test and for two days after the test. A blood test for kidney function will need to be done before you restart these pills. Please speak to your doctor or nurse about this.

Clear Liquids
Clear liquids are all counted as fruit exchanges. You will replacing all of your carbohydrates (starches/breads, milk, fruit, and vegetables) with only simple carbohydrates. These are digested more rapidly and you will be more likely to have a low blood sugar reaction. Therefore it is recommended that you take your clear liquids in seven feedings, not three meals. Drink the liquids at breakfast time, mid morning, lunch time, mid-afternoon, dinner, 2 – 3 hours after dinner and at midnight. DO NOT take any clear liquids that are RED or PURPLE.

The following clear liquids are recommended:

Chicken or beef broth 1 cup O grams of carbohydrate
Apple Juice ½ cup 15 grams
White grape juice ½ cup 15 grams
Jello (not RED or PURPLE) ½ cup 20 grams
Popsicles (not RED or PURPLE) 1 cup 30 grams
Kool-Aid (not RED or PURPLE) ½ cup 10 grams
Carbonated beverages, not diet ½ cup 10 grams

*Coffee, tea, broth, clear diet sodas, and water may be taken at any time.

These are general guidelines. Please call the health care provider who manages your diabetes for questions.

Information reviewed by UMHS Medical Procedures Unit MPU/MPC staff, January 2016.